Is Pole Walking for You?

Is Pole Walking for You?

Nordic pole walking was created in Finland as a way for cross country skiers to train during the summer. Since then it has developed as an activity in its own right with many scientifically proven health and fitness benefits. So what is so great about pole walking and should I think about doing it??

In my opinion, Nordic pole walking is a great activity for anyone. However in certain situations, it would be an excellent choice for exercise. Here is a list of who would benefit the most from pole walking.

  1. You have been told to walk for fitness but want a better work out. Walking with poles turns your walk into a full body work out, expending up to 40% more calories and increasing the cardiovascular benefits. A brisk pole walk expends a similar amount of calories as a jog of the same duration!
  2. You suffer from osteoarthritis in you knees, hips or low back or are recovering from surgery on one of these joints. The poles decrease stress in these joints by dispersing some of your body weight into your arms.
  3. You have decreased balance or are fearful of falling. The poles increase your base of support, thus assisting with balance.

Pole walking and the science behind it is so convincing that hospitals and medical associations are actively encouraging it as an excellent fitness option!! With so many beautiful hiking trails in the area, it would be an excellent way to enjoy them and increase your fitness while you are at it!

Want to try it for the first time? Here is an interesting article with some basic instructions on pole walking.

Happy hiking, and as always thanks for reading! Rebecca

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