About Us

Our physiotherapy clinic caters to people who want to recover from injury and get back to their physical activities as quickly as possible. To achieve this, our physiotherapists use a combination of techniques that have been shown to be effective by research and clinical experience. Our therapists regularly attend courses updating their knowledge to learn the latest effective physiotherapy techniques and research so that we can treat you better.

We design rehabilitation treatments that best suit your needs. Although there are general principles on how injuries should be treated, we make sure to design a treatment that is specific to you and your body.

Within the clinic we apprentice kinesiology students from the University of Waterloo and students in the physiotherapy program at McMaster University. Our students are thoroughly trained and closely monitored by the physiotherapists. Having students provides our patients with several benefits. Firstly, as a team we can provide extremely thorough treatments. Also, our students help keep the physical therapists up to date with the latest research as well as keep them on their toes with insightful questions.

We strive to provide great service. Our therapists and admin staff work hard to provide you with thorough and timely care in a friendly supportive physical therapy clinic.

About MacLean Sport Physiotherapy