A Running Program: Part 1

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A Running Program: Part 1

Part 1: Why do a Preseason Strengthening and Stretching Program??


If, like me, you are a fair weather runner, it’s time to get ready for your next outdoor running season! It’s time to strap on the runners and just go right? Not so fast. If you want to avoid injuries, as well as following my previous tips, you might want to add a pre-season primer to prepare your body for the upcoming season. The following are a few reasons why you might want to incorporate this program into your season’s plan:

  1. You need to address the muscular imbalances that have built up after a winter of couch lying (or working too many hours at a desk) and might contribute to your next running injury.
  2. Strengthen stabilizers to withstand the repetitive impact they are about to incur throughout the upcoming season
  3. Improve muscular endurance (and strength!) to improve running performance

In the upcoming blogs MacLean Sport Physiotherapy will give you an overview of a few of our basic, favourite strengthening and stretching exercises to prepare your body for the upcoming running season! Stay tuned!

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