Ankle Injury

Physiotherapy Ankle Injury Treatment and Rehab

Everytime we take a step or a jump, the foot and ankle absorb a large amount of force. Not only do they provide force protection, but they provide sensory feedback of the environment to the brain. Having a foot or ankle injury can make walking or any weight bearing movement difficult. If left untreated, ankle injuries can worsen and become more painful over time.

When an injury happens, it is best to visit a local physiotherapist. The physiotherapy team at MacLean’s Sports Physiotherapy can provide ankle sprain therapy services that reduce pain with therapeutic modalities, acupuncture, and hands-on therapy. Their services can help improve ankle strength, mobility, and stability through therapeutic exercises unique to each person. Another important method is soft tissue release that reduces muscle tension and relaxes the nervous system through massage therapy.

How Long Does it Take to Recover from An Ankle Injury?

It can take weeks and even months for an ankle injury recovery depending on how damaged the tissue is. It is wise to know what may have caused the injury and seek the help of a physiotherapist. An injury does not recover overnight and it is good to be patient and consistent with the ankle rehab program that the physiotherapists will help you through. They will help you recover as fast as possible.