Elbow Injury

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Physiotherapy Elbow Injury Treatment and Rehab

Elbow pain is a common injury that could happen in everyday occurrences. An injury to the elbow, could prevent the person from reaching, gripping, lifting and loading with the arms. Many elbow pains are caused by constant elbow strain and trauma. It is very important to get them assessed by a physiotherapist, as the recovery process will not happen overnight.

An elbow injury treatment centre can help specify the injury and personalize the treatment to fit your needs. Seeking an elbow treatment from a physiotherapist could include laser therapy, acupuncture, and massage therapy of the elbows that can restore ROM. MacLean’s Sports Physiotherapy will provide an exercise program that can improve the flexibility, strength, and motor control of the elbow. Learning lifestyle modifications from a physiotherapist can help rehabilitate and prevent elbow injuries.

How do Physiotherapists Treat Tennis Elbow?

Tennis elbow has many factors that could be the potential cause of pain. Depending on the severity and how long it has been causing harm, our physiotherapists will determine the appropriate treatment methods and best approach to get your elbow back to health.

Physiotherapy can help release the muscles in the elbow and decrease the pull on the tendons. The tennis elbow rehab process will be mostly stretching and mobilizing exercises, acupuncture, and shockwave therapy.  Combining exercise and modifying daily activities can help provide the best results in the healing process.

How Long Does it Take to Recover from Elbow Pain?

It all depends on the elbow pain and the cause of it to get an understanding of how to properly treat each case. Therefore, it may take a few weeks or months to fully heal. Coming to understand that you are experiencing elbow pain and when to seek guidance from a physiotherapist is highly recommended. If the elbow pain has become chronic, it may take much longer to heal. A physiotherapist will assess the condition of the elbow and find the best course of treatment that can get you back functioning without pain.