Back Pain and Injury

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Physiotherapy Back Injury Treatment and Rehab

One of the more common issues that a physiotherapy clinic addresses is low back pain. Many forms of back pain stem from the lower back and pelvis as all the nerves that relate to the back are located there. If you detect any lower back issues, you may want to visit MacLean’s Sports Physiotherapy right away as it could develop into leg pain/tightness or symptoms of sciatica.

The physiotherapist team at MacLean’s Sports Physiotherapy can help find the right back pain treatment for you so you can return to proper mobility. Back pain treatments from physiotherapists can include acupuncture treatments and therapeutic modalities. They can help you regain your mobility with hands-on therapy procedures. Other methods that can help relieve back pain are exercise therapy that is unique to the client, and therapeutic modalities. It is a good idea to know when you get back pain, and address the need for assistance.

How Long Does it Take to Recover from Back Pain?

There are many answers to back pain and they may not be as easy to discover as you think. Back pain recovery processes can take weeks or even months to fully recover from. Back pain needs to be managed at certain levels so you can recover your mobility for day to day life. For more severe cases of back pain, it could be recommended to perform surgery, but only after conservative management measures don’t work. It is important to understand at any severity that you should seek physiotherapy assistance if you detect any back pain. A physiotherapist will also advise you of the needed treatment for your back pain. Be patient and consistent with your therapy, and the back pain recovery process will be an easier procedure.