Pain is Complicated!

Pain is Complicated!

Top 9 nuggets from Physio Congress 2018

I spent last weekend at the Canadian Physiotherapy Congress in Montreal and was profoundly influenced by some of the things I learned.

Here are the top 9 nuggets of information I learned:

  1. One of the top reasons people start a yoga practice is low back pain
  2. Breathing exercises alone (without any mindfulness training) can decrease your experience of pain
  3. 75% of addictions in North America started with a prescription
  4. It can take only 1 week of opioid use to become addicted
  5. Seniors have the highest rate of opioid use
  6. Deaths can occur from opioid use even when following prescribed use (usually mixed with other meds ie sleeping pills)
  7. Opioids only decrease your sensation of pain by 0.9/10
  8. Mindfulness (meditation training) can reduce pain by 2/10 (more effective on average than opioids!!)
  9. When physio was prescribed first, opioid prescriptions went down by 89%

My biggest take away is that you cannot separate the mind and body when assessing pain… pain is complicated!!!

If you want more information on what your medications are or what the risks are associated with them, please go to the deprescribing network linked here.

As always, thank you for reading, Rebecca






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