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We believe a thorough assessment is the foundation of effective physiotherapy treatment.  Our assessments are an hour in length and include your first effective physiotherapy treatment. For the last 10 years we have been assessing and effectively treating people in Burlington Ontario and the surrounding areas.

During the assessments we will ask questions to understand how your injury occurred, what makes your injury worse and treatments that you have tried and if they helped.  We will also ask about your injury history and your general health.

From these questions we develop a physical assessment specific to your case in order to help find what has been injured and figure out what is an effective physiotherapy treatment for your injury.

Effective physiotherapy treatment plans include treatment to decrease your pain, and increase your strength, flexibility and balance.  We also focus the plan to help you reach your specific goals!  If getting back to sport is important to you we can guide you through returning safely.

After we get you back to where you want to be we give you a home plan to help keep you better and doing what you want to do!

Our Registered Physiotherapists use a combination of Hands-On (Manual) Therapy , Physical Therapy Modalities (LASER etc), and Individualized Physical Rehabilitation Exercise to help you return to health as quickly as possible.

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Meet Our Team

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