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The Physiotec Prescribed Home Exercise Therapy Program

Our clinicians use an exercise prescription program called physiotec to help you with your home exercise program.  With this program we can give you access to videos and pictures of your exercises.  You also see a written description of the exercise including prescribed reps, sets, and times per day that you should do your exercises.
Your home exercise program is an important part of you getting better.  Gone are the days of cut and paste pictures and stick figure drawings from your physio!  Introducing physiotec.

Using physiotec helps you keep up with your exercises no matter where you are.  If you are travelling, at home or at the cottage you can access your exercises as long as you have internet access.  You can use your phone, tablet or computer from wherever you are.  If you prefer, you can print off a copy of the home exercise therapy program.

The Physiotec Library

Physiotec has thousands of exercises for our physiotherapists to choose from.  Physiotec has been building it’s database of exercises since 1993 and will almost always have what we need to show you.  If it doesn’t, we will create the exercise pictures and videos for you!  Physiotec gives us the option of uploading our own pictures and videos into the database of exercises.  Keep an eye out for Richard, Rebecca or some of our kinesiology students in your homework!
To give you a sense of how good this works let’s pretend you have knee pain.  Our physio assesses you and finds you have tight muscles around your knee (hamstrings and quads). The physio shows you 2 stretches to help you loosen these muscles.  Then you practice the exercises with the physio.  You are given feedback immediately that help you do the exercises correctly.  Later that day you will receive an email that will link you to pictures, videos and instructions of those same exercises.  Simply follow the link, watch the videos and you’ve got an effective home exercise program!

Here are 2 example stretches from the above scenario:

Hamstring Stretch

Hamstring Stretch

Quad Stretch

quads and gastrocs