Most Common Golf Injuries and Tips to Minimize Them

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Most Common Golf Injuries and Tips to Minimize Them

The sun is shining (finally!) and it feels like Golf Season!

At this time of year (and after golf trips, lets be honest) there are always a couple of people who come in, having played too much golf without any preparation, with various injuries. Golf injuries can run the gambit but the following are a couple of the most common injuries:

1. Low Back Injuries: Golf exposes the back to tremendous forces. Combine this with the fact that the repetitive torsion is always in one direction and you are doing most of it in the bent over position, golf is the perfect storm to produce a back injury. See my previous blog for easy tips to reduce the strain on your back. A pre-season core strengthening and hip mobility program will also help reduce low back issues.

2. Elbow Tendinopathy: ‘Golfers Elbow” is the obvious issue; but ‘Tennis Elbow” (the same insertional tendinopathy only on the opposite side of the elbow) is equally prevalent amongst golfers. These issues are usually a result of either training errors (too much too soon, weakness in the forearm etc) as well as impact issues. Try not to overdo the golfing on the first day out – especially hitting from a rubber mat at the driving range! Pre-season grip and forearm stretching and strengthening will also help minimize these injuries.

3. Rotator Cuff Injuries: Rotator cuff injuries result from much the same reasons as listed above for elbow injuries; too much too soon, weakness and/or impact with the ground. A pre-season rotator cuff strengthening program and easy stretches can help minimize these issues.

Here is a link for some stretches that will not only be important at the first tee; but for the two weeks prior to the season starting. don’t forget the strengthening too!

As always, thanks for reading. If you have any furthur questions (or end up with a golf injury) please contact us. I am a ‘Fit Fore Golf” Level 3 qualified Physiotherapist!


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