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Richard MacLean, Registered Physiotherapist

Dedicated Team Members - Richard MacLean

Richard is a seasoned registered physiotherapist with over 20 years of experience working with active and athletic individuals. He obtained his physiotherapy degree from McMaster University in 2000 and applies his comprehensive treatment knowledge and insightful nature to achieve optimal outcomes for individuals recovering from injuries or seeking to improve in their respective sports.

Beyond his clinical experience, Richard leverages his personal athletic and sports injury experiences to help his patients reach their goals. He has achieved success in running, cycling, and swimming events at both the local and international levels, including qualifying for the Hawaii Ironman and placing 66th out of over 2000 athletes at Ironman Canada. Richard’s lifelong passion for the Toronto Maple Leafs has taught him how to persevere through challenges, which he applies to his training and treatment approach.

Richard’s academic background includes an honors science degree in biology and a Master’s degree in science in environmental toxicology, both obtained from the University of Waterloo. He conducted research and worked in consulting for three years before pursuing his passion for physiotherapy. His love of sports and understanding of how the body moves and functions drew him to this field, and he has never looked back.

As a father of three, Richard strongly advocates for physical activity for both adults and children to promote physical and mental well-being. He and his wife lead by example by encouraging their children to be active. Richard also enjoys helping children recover from injuries and return to their sports and recreational activities.

Richard’s skills include Laser Therapy, Active Release Techniques (ART), Acupuncture, Manual Therapy (including joint manipulations), and he is a FIST certified triathlon bike fitter.

Zach Johnston Physiotherapy Resident

Zach is a Physiotherapy Resident who holds a Master of Physical Therapy from the University of Western Ontario, conferred in 2021, and a Bachelor of Science in Honours Kinesiology from the University of Waterloo, earned in 2019.

Zach is an avid proponent of an active lifestyle and enjoys participating in diverse activities, including powerlifting and weight training, team sports such as hockey, soccer, golf, volleyball, and spikeball, hiking, and trying new activities to keep things fresh and exciting. He also indulges in reading autobiographies and fiction novels, watching movies and TV series, and learning new hobbies like playing the guitar. Zach has a passion for sharing health and lifestyle advice on social media.

His wide-ranging background in sports and activities has provided him with a profound appreciation for sports injuries and effective rehabilitation. He is committed to helping individuals of all ages regain their full functional abilities, whether related to sports, work, or daily life. Throughout his undergraduate and graduate programs, Zach had the opportunity to work in various practice settings, including private musculoskeletal, pediatric care, neurorehabilitation, and sports therapy. He also served as an athletic therapy assistant with the Kitchener Rangers OHL team for a season, gaining extensive experience in treating sports injuries and rehabilitation.

Zach’s preferred treatment approaches center around a patient-centric treatment plan that includes manual therapy, education and lifestyle guidance, targeted exercise prescription, and the use of various treatment modalities, including ultrasound, laser therapy, and TENS/neuromuscular electronic stimulation. Zach is also SFMA Level 1 Certified, enabling him to provide highly personalized treatment to his clients.

Our Intern Program

At our clinic, we offer an apprenticeship program for Kinesiology students from the University of Waterloo. Our highly trained students are closely supervised by our physiotherapists to ensure the highest standard of care for our patients. This program offers several benefits to our patients, including safe and effective monitoring of exercise programs, literature searches to ensure the latest evidence-based rehabilitation strategies, and insightful questions that can enhance the learning experience for all parties involved.

Our program also provides invaluable hands-on experience for our students, allowing them to accumulate real-world experience in the field of physiotherapy. It is our goal to instill our knowledge and passion for rehabilitation in these students, helping them to prepare for future careers in physiotherapy or related fields of interest.