Injury Assessment Specialists

What to Expect at Your First Physiotherapy Appointment

At MacLean Sport Physiotherapy, we believe that a comprehensive injury assessment is the cornerstone of effective physiotherapy treatment. Our hour-long assessments are designed to not only evaluate your injury but also provide you with your first effective treatment. 

During the injury assessment, we will ask a series of questions to gain a thorough understanding of your injury, including the cause, aggravating factors, and previous treatments attempted. Additionally, we will inquire about your injury history and general health to develop a personalized physical rehabilitation program specific to your case, tailored to your needs. 

To ensure an accurate assessment, it is recommended that patients brinPhysiotherapist Stock Photos, Royalty Free Physiotherapist Images | Depositphotosg any relevant documentation, such as X-Ray or MRI reports, medication lists, physician referrals, or restrictions given by surgeons. We also recommend wearing loose clothing that allows easy access to the injury. 

Our highly trained physiotherapists possess a deep understanding of the human body’s movement and mechanics, which enables them to quickly develop a custom-made plan that will help restore pain-free mobility. At the end of the assessment, we will work with you to set specific goals, ensuring that your treatment plan is personalized to your unique needs. 

Once we have successfully treated your injury, we will provide you with a home plan to help you maintain your progress and prevent further injuries. To ensure convenience, we offer payment options through Interac, credit, or cash, and can directly bill several insurance providers on your behalf. 

We understand that effective treatment is more than just addressing the injury; it is about understanding our patient’s specific needs and goals. At MacLean Sport Physiotherapy, we pride ourselves on our personalized approach to physiotherapy, and we are committed to providing you with the care and support you need to achieve your recovery goals.